The International Biomarker in Cerebrovascular Diseases (IBCD) study group was founded in 2011 with the aim of being a multidisciplinary translational research network on biomarkers in cerebrovascular disease.    



 The IBCD aims are:

  • To facilitate identification of biomarkers by providing access to novel technologies and expertise.
  • To inform on new biomarker developments and opportunities.
  • To qualify biomarkers for specific applications in diagnosing disease, predicting therapeutic response or improving clinical practice.
  • To facilitate multicentre biomarker studies by sharing cerebrovascular diseases bio-banks.
  • To build partnerships with industry.
  • To develop guidelines for the clinical use of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers.         
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Biomarkers' network

There are other groups around the globe working on stroke biomarkers, as well as several companies which are investing resources in the field of stroke biomarkers.

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