Brain receives 15% of the cardiac output, although it only represents the 2% of body weight. Four large arteries provide the vascular supply of the brain, and branch as penetrating arterioles through the parenchyma. These large vascular network allows nutrients delivery and toxics removal by the circulating blood.

Symbol Description Associations Genecards
P04275 VWF Higher circulating levels in stroke patients with functional disability at third month after the event. No significant association has been found between vWf levels and aetiological classification of ischemic stroke Link
P26022 PTX3 Higher plasma PTX3 levels are associated with mortality after stroke. Link
Q15109 RAGE RAGE has been associated with ischemic stroke, and it may be a plasma biomarker to differenciate ischemic from hemorrhagic stroke. Ischemic stroke patients present raised plasma levels than hemorrhagic stroke patients. Link

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