Glial cells provide the structural and nutritional support of neurons. Microglial cells are the principal immuncompetent and phagocytic elements of the CNS and, as resident macrophages, play an important role in tissue repair and homeostasis maintenance.

Symbol Description Associations Genecards
P01584 IL1B Cytokines may contribute to both neurotoxicity and neuroprotection. IL1beta has been found elevated in ischemic stroke patients compared to mimics. No clear association has been found with aetiological classification of ischemic stroke Link
P02792 FRIL In stroke, high ferritin levels have been associated with hemorrhagic transformation and outcome. Link
P14136 GFAP Associated with astroglial tissue damage. Increased levels of GFAp have been found in stroke patients when compared to mimics. Raised GFAP is detected in patients with intracerebral hemorrhages than in ischemic stroke patients. Link

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