Astrocytes presents extensive contacts with both synapses and cerebral blood vessels. During the development of vascular tissue, the interaction of astrocytes with nervous tissue is critical for the conformation of the BBB. They play an important role in the process of forming the intervening basal lamina barrier, the inter-endothelial tight junctions as part of the permeability barrier of capillaries and cerebral blood flow regulation.

Symbol Description Associations Genecards
P04271 S100B Higher levels of S100B in ischemic stroke patients than healthy controls, showing a trend to be higher in those patients with poor outcome at third month after stroke. Also, high S100B leves have been associated with hemorrhagic transformation and brain edema. No clear association has been found between S100B levels and aetiological classification of ischemic stroke. Higher plasma levels were found in intracerebral hemorrhage than ischemic stroke patients. Link
P14136 GFAP Associated with astroglial tissue damage. Increased levels of GFAp have been found in stroke patients when compared to mimics. Raised GFAP is detected in patients with intracerebral hemorrhages than in ischemic stroke patients. Link

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