SID 17848324

  • Synonyms:CLR
  • Biomarker name:Cholesterol
  • Gene name:-
  • Gene id:-
  • Genecards link:-
  • Biomarker function:Cholesterol enables animal cells to (a) not need a cell wall (like plants & bacteria) to protect membrane integrity/cell-viability and thus be able to (b) change shape and (c) move about (unlike bacteria and plant cells which are restricted by their cell walls). In addition to its importance within cells, cholesterol also serves as a precursor for the biosynthesis of steroid hormones, bile acids, and vitamin D.
  • Neurovascular unit:No
  • Intracellular location:Membrane, Secreted
  • Body fluids:Plasma, Serum
  • Prot-prot interactions:No
  • Inductors:Unknown
  • Inhibitors:Unknown
  • Signaling pathway:Unknown
  • Biological process:Lipid metabolism
  • Comments:PubChem code is given as Uniprot Number
  • Associations:Total Cholesterol levels has been associated with cardiovascular risk and with large artery atherosclerotic stroke. No association with stroke outcome has been observed.
  • References:-

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AtherothromboticBang OY, 2008; Alvarez-Perez FJ, 2011; Alvarez-Perez FJ, 2011;
LacunarBang OY, 2008;

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