• Synonyms:Caspase-3, Apopain, Cysteine protease CPP32
  • Biomarker name:CASP3
  • Gene name:CASP3
  • Gene id:836
  • Genecards link:
  • Biomarker function:Involved in the activation cascade of caspases responsible for apoptosis execution. At the onset of apoptosis it proteolytically cleaves poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) at a '216-Asp-|-Gly-217' bond. Cleaves and activates sterol regulatory element binding proteins (SREBPs) between the basic helix-loop-helix leucine zipper domain and the membrane attachment domain. Cleaves and activates caspase-6, -7 and -9. Involved in the cleavage of huntingtin. Triggers cell adhesion in sympathetic neurons through RET cleavage
  • Neurovascular unit:Unknown
  • Intracellular location:Cytoplasm
  • Body fluids:Plasma, Serum, Saliva, CSF
  • Prot-prot interactions:Unknown
  • Inductors:Yes:
  • Inhibitors:Unknown
  • Signaling pathway:Unknown
  • Biological process:Apoptosis
  • Comments:-
  • Associations:Downregulation of caspase-3 is associated with reduced brain damage in ischemic models. CASP3 is more elevated in stroke than mimics. Similar levels have been determined in both subtypes of stroke during acute phase.
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