• Synonyms:Albumin
  • Biomarker name:ALBU
  • Gene name:ALB
  • Gene id:213
  • Genecards link:
  • Biomarker function:Albumin is the main protein of plasma, binding different molecules and regulating the colloidal osmotic pressure of blood.
  • Neurovascular unit:No
  • Intracellular location:Secreted
  • Body fluids:Plasma, Serum
  • Prot-prot interactions:Yes:
  • Inductors:Unknown
  • Inhibitors:Unknown
  • Signaling pathway:Unknown
  • Biological process:Transport
  • Comments:Although the mechanism for Ischemia-Modified Albumin production is unknown, stroke might modify the N-terminus of albumin altering its binding capacity.
  • Associations:Baseline Ischemia-Modified Albumin (IMA) blood levels may be a biomarker for early identification of acute stroke, but not to differentiate Ischemic from hemorrhagic stroke patients. On the other hand, serum albumin is decreased in those patients who die following a stroke. No significant association has been found between vWf levels and aetiological subtypes of ischemic stroke. No ignificant difference at plasma level between stroke subtypes.
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