• Synonyms:C-reactive protein
  • Biomarker name:CRP
  • Gene name:CRP
  • Gene id:1401
  • Genecards link:
  • Biomarker function:Acute phase protein synthesized by the liver that displays several functions in host defense. Can interact with DNA and histones and may scavenge nuclear material released from damaged circulating cells, binding to their surface and activating the complement system.
  • Neurovascular unit:No
  • Intracellular location:Secreted
  • Body fluids:Plasma, Serum, Saliva
  • Prot-prot interactions:Yes:
  • Inductors:Yes:
  • Inhibitors:Unknown
  • Signaling pathway:Yes:
  • Biological process:Acute phase, Protein biosynthesis
  • Comments:Plasma CRP concentration increases in response to tissue injury, infection or other inflammatory stimuli. CRP rapidly increases within 4-6h of stimulus, reaching a peak around 48h and with a half-life less than 20h [1].
  • Associations:Independent of other cardiovascular risk factors, elevated plasma CRP levels significantly predict the risk of future ischemic stroke and TIA in the elderly. In ischemic stroke patients, high CRP circulating levels within 24h from onset are associated with poor long-term functional outcome [2]. No clear association has been found with aetiological classification of ischemic stroke. No diferences at plasma levels between hemorragic and ischemic stroke.
  • References:1. Pepys MB et al. C-reactive protein: a critical update. J Clin Invest. 2003, 111(12):1805-12; 2. VanGilder RL et al. C-reactive protein and long-term ischemic stroke prognosis. J Clin Neurosci. 2013,

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